What does Ajinomatrix do exactly?

We are a software-only operation. We interface with consumers, tasting judge panels, and sensors such as e-noses or e-mouths in order to help you interpret your sensory measurements with artificial intelligence.

It all sounds great, but what does this app actually do?

On demand you can access a mock-up of our base application and try it for the family of products you are working on. It's as simple as that! It's a matter of taste! Contact us today!

How will you eventually enable digitization as offering the mp3 of olfaction and gustation?

We won't divulge the secret sauce, but, publishing as much as we can about it, it is possible to standardize measurements, and to create a global model that will render files that eventually will become compatible once the whole operation of taste and scent measurement becomes digital.

How can I try the application?

There are several ways. We will soon publish open source algorithms we’re working on with certain product families. Also, you can contact us to work on a proof of concept for your specific application.